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Hello. My name is Taejoo Baek.

Since May 2000, I have been living in Singapore. Before I moved to Singapore I had lived in United States for 7.5 years.

I am working for Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd-Construction Equipment as Director, Product Marketing. I am currently covering various projects in my company.

I like to travel and to meet people with different background.

I like to take pictures and try play golf whenever it is possible. I have two boys.
Jihoon is my first son and is currently working in Korea as computer programmer.
Joonghoon is my second son and is attending Handong University in Korea.



Home Office
80 Jellicoe Road
#02-02 Citylights
Singapore 208766

Phone : +65-6737-4116
Hand Phone : +65-9735-2300

Volvo East Asia (Pte) Ltd
33 Joo Koon Circle
Singapore 629111

Phone : +65-6412-2843
Fax : +65-6861-0127

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